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Notices for 5th April 2006 to 20th March 2006

Wednesday, 5th April 2006

There, a triple bill of Bug of the Moment – both today’s episode, and one I posted two days ago.

Tuesday, 28th March 2006

Today, Photo-Pro dereferenced its final null pointer, in kernel space, and panicked. Anyone want to hire me?

Monday, 20th March 2006

Followers of Bug of the Moment will be glad to know that I have posted two new updates, and a third should follow very soon with some help from silvestrij. I think the second update marks Mac OS X’s debut to Bug of the Moment.

The Googler’s Haven Totally Random Tidbits Page is also updated with a useful tidbit: how to cancel out of an infinite series of JavaScript alert boxes in iCab and Firefox. iCab’s method is already covered on the iCab tips and tricks page, but I feel that I have a workaround for Firefox too and it seems to make sense to group both on the same page.

That’s all for now. HTTP Werkzeug is still being worked on; I am still busy adding goodies and fixing bugs, but do let me know if you want to play around with the development builds as I am happy to let people play with it. It is just not ready for public beta at this stage as it contains some unresolved issues.