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Notices for 10th October 2005 to 27th October 2005

Monday, 10th October 2005

Oh, yeah, my life is all superduper hunkydory mega now. Why? Because I drink Dr Pepper, and it solved all my problems. Just like it says on the tin. Isn’t that just wonderful? The miracles of modern science at work, I say. Like fitting that car into a crisps packet; nice job they did of that, too. Dr Pepper is from Texas, along with Adam Brandon and George Bush, so that might explain the slight nagging feeling I am experiencing in the corner of my brain.

Just who are they kidding anyhow?

Sunday, 16th October 2005

After having drawn a rendition of Rhys’s “In case of failure break glass”, I was pondering on where on my site I could host the image. So I have created a digital section of Artwork for images created with Photoshop and of course my favourite MS Paint.

I have finally given in and used display: inline-block on the site, in the aforementioned section. display: inline-block is a really powerful aspect to CSS 2 that permits you to form baseline-aligned flexible image grids without having to resort to tables, which are hopelessly inflexible as their fixed row sizes give them a hard-coded width not suitable for narrower browser windows. Internet Explorer does not support inline-block of course (I do not imagine that IE could tie its own shoelaces) but – and I despair at this – nor does Firefox, which has far too poor CSS 2 support for its rising star status. Which is a pity as inline-block Solves All Your Problems. Rather like Dr Pepper.

Oh, while you are here, I have just posted up a trip down memory lane exploring the precursor of today’s Flash memory devices.

Thursday, 27th October 2005

Life is not entirely at its end for 68k Macintoshes. After a successful period of testing under System 7.5.5 on Simon Williams’s “Cronos” LC475 server, I present you error acgi for 68k. Enjoy.