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Notices for 24th September 2005 to 9th October 2005

Saturday, 24th September 2005

QBasic Gorillas: Deluxe Edition 2.1 is declared final, with one last bug fixed (reported by Marco Stahl). On the update resources for older Mac OS page, the link to download Appearance Manager 1.0.2 is now repaired. I am hosting that here now so that it can’t take another hike. The same goes for the Finder Heap Fix.

Friday, 30th September 2005

If they are reading this, a shout out to the denizens of Welham Green, including Emily, Hannah, Ginge and da brunette! (oh and the bloke who wrote Nob Head on my Revo) Have a nice day.

Sunday, 9th October 2005

The photos page is finally back after a couple of years of absence. However, I am now only posting photos of people whom I have met in person. Stolen if necessary ;) (if no-one had a camera at the time or we were too busy to take a picture!) Time will tell if Xavier has anything horrible to say about this round of images. Sadly, the evil psycho picture of Adam Brandon is lost to the depths of time. That or I ate it. With fava beans. And chianti.

I may as well also point out that Simon Williams (of 8-bit Sound & Fury) and I are testing out a 68k build of error acgi. From what we can tell, it is coping nicely with the move to 68k. After the usual spate of horrible deaths and OS crashes from non-portable code that is. I imagine that I will give it another few weeks before we decide it to be satisfactorily stable. No problems on my end at least (running on Firetrack as 68k) and no problems on Simon’s 30 MB LC475 either.