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Notices for 18th September 2005 to 30th August 2005

Sunday, 18th September 2005

One of the more fruity aspects of my site is my exotic use of capital letters in file and directory names. Looking at my 404 log, I have long been aware that this leads to some unfortunate visitors hitting 404s by typing in paths incorrectly, forgetting that they need to capitalise anything.

This is now resolved. I have written some code in my error handler script that checks to see if the case of the request URI is wrong and fixes any mistakes in the case. The user-agent is redirected to the correct path for the resource. I have expanded the old Random Useless PHP code page to a proper sub-section which includes the path case fix page with all the code involved.

I imagine that it will only make a small dent in the accumulation of errors in my error log though, seeing as I have some sort of bot army filling up my log with double-dutch like “/Misc/Unexplorer/DesktopPics/Artwork/” (wtf?) Excellent.

Colour Selector users may want to know about an unresolved booboo in the program.

Saturday, 3rd September 2005

I have just finished writing the first preliminary specification of the Erin Content Management System, an object-oriented almost-meta CMS. The task of writing the code for such a project is well over my head, but with the strength of the specifications that I have provided, someone else could figure out a good idea of how to implement it and, with some discussion on revising and completing the specification, go on to do so. If anyone out there in Cyberspace desires to and is able to develop such a project it would be fantastic news, as I think we would be onto a winner.

Tuesday, 30th August 2005

I wonder if anyone out there actually uses my old lili_Pad notepad application for classic Mac OS? If anyone does, they will be delighted to know that Find is now pretty much fully implemented. This includes find across topics and case-sensitive searches.

I know I said that updates would never be announced, but I happen to be rather fond of lili_Pad (and I still use it routinely), and it is so nice to see it continue to be worked on. Four years or so old and it finally gets a worthwhile find feature ;) (seeing as I happen to need it!)