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Notices for 14th August 2005 to 26th August 2005

Sunday, 14th August 2005

I am surely not the only one of who has the misfortune to have to deal with Microsoft Excel for Windows. Take a break and commiserate with me about the joys of having to use that wreck of a program. The rest of you who don’t use it are free to simply point and laugh.

Monday, 15th August 2005

After Saturday’s posting of a couple of funny audio clips, this time I have a little collection of photos for you instead – Assorted odd pictures.

Friday, 26th August 2005

2 years of Telcontar.net and still alive!

As a special treat, I have rewritten a lot of the notices system (I know, I keep doing this; that’s because it was some of the worst code I ever wrote); the result is that you can now read all the site notices starting from the beginning, in chronological order.