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Notices for 13th August 2005 to 28th July 2005

Saturday, 13th August 2005

Just popped a couple of sound clips that I have had lying around into funny sound clips; one of which features PhAtfiSh and goes back years.

Saturday, 30th July 2005

At what must now be long past about time, the sitewide template has been overhauled to use a clean, more accessible HTML 4/CSS 2 layout instead of the old table-based design. Not an easy task, as the layout of the site did not exactly lend itself to the task and retro-fitting the design made it harder still; not one page has been touched in the slightest: the change was effected globally by only modifying the sitewide template and the core stylesheet. One of the most unpleasant problems is butting two <div>s together when the first one can end in an element with a bottom margin; the easy fix is a style involving :last-child but that is a case of not invented here in the CSS2 specs. Not that Internet Explorer would have implemented it even if it had been!

As a result, glitches may appear all over the site, mostly in the green border I imagine. The most bemusing one is how IE:mac mangles the header, introducing extraneous spacing and a complete duplicate set of navigation menus that you cannot see (just wave the mouse over the gap to the left of the navigation menus). Not that I can imagine why anyone would want to run IE:mac when there are alternatives like Firefox and iCab 3.0 available.

Of course, the changes in question only affect 100% pure Sitewide pages, so the front page, 404 page and directory listing pages need modifying separately. I imagine that they can all be altered in pretty much the exact same way. The next step would be the very gradual fixing of all the other nasties throughout the site, especially the Mac Apps pages. The irony is that I planned for this site to use this CSS-based layout from the start, but I was thwarted by no decent CSS-capable browsers for Mac OS 9 at the time. Now that I have both a PC and access to iCab 3, I can finally start making long overdue progress. As an aside, the Arnie Prankster and ShadowIRC plugins archive pages also now have attractive, CSS-based table designs.

Thursday, 28th July 2005

Ookay, the BCC-to-self option on the contact page now works. I imagine, from the state of the code, that it never worked from day one. I am not sure how it escaped ever being tested. (silvestrij indirectly brought the issue to my attention).

Is there anything else that needs fixing? This site is not perfect by far. Morever, if you could change one thing about my site, what would it be? Let me know!