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Notices for 23rd July 2005 to 21st May 2005

Saturday, 23rd July 2005

ThinkNerd has finally arrived on Telcontar.net, after being first conceived on Firetrack some time ago on the 30th May. Starting off as a remake of one of my MSN buddy icons (yes I do use MSN, gah) as a t-shirt design and a few other designs along the same theme, it is now a collection of 35 t-shirt designs with a definite nerd theme to them.

No not that Th!nkNerd, this ThinkNerd! D’oh.

(PS The Artwork navigation bar no longer has one or two items missing! oops. Fixed.)

Sunday, 17th July 2005

After observing some interest in my flying into a fractal demonstration, I have decided to post a fully-fledged challenge to people to create such video clips and more of their own. A good place to start, as the page suggests, is with John Whitehouse’s fractal generation Python code, which can form the basis for the project. See the fractal page for the challenge.

Saturday, 21st May 2005

In answer to those people looking for a fixed copy of QBasic Gorillas for running on modern PCs, I have now posted a copy of my fixed version of the game on the Gorillas Deluxe page. This version fixes both the sluggish performance problem and the OVERFLOW crash.

I have also posted a new copy of the original Gorillas to the page. I discovered that a copy I was purporting to be the original version was itself slightly modified! The purple play-again prompt was itself a bit dubious, but the spam: label in the main module made things rather more clear :) So now you have the genuine original game; this time the 1990 Microsoft copy on which Gorillas Deluxe was based.

Enjoy. And a shout out to Mathijs Waijers from the Netherlands.