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Notices for 14th March 2005 to 25th April 2005

Monday, 14th March 2005

A hint for all long uptime strivers: If your petrol lawn mower will not start on a cold spring morning, do not try warming it up with a paint stripper (hair dryer on acid). Your actual results will be a melted paint stripper wire and a big leakage of mains current into the nearest metal object. And tripped mains.

It wasn’t my idea, I was merely awoken prematurely by the start-up chime of my Mac booting up. I think I had got Mac OS 9.1 to run for 69 days up to that point, which is pretty good considering that it was not only my home Web and FTP server, but my iCab beta testing machine and Web development box as well. The PC was at about 56 days’ uptime in Windows at that time, and despite caning the machine regularly, neither the PC nor the Mac were showing any signs of being about to crash whatsoever.

Incidentally, the timer bug in UptimeMac is more serious than I thought; not only does the LCD display stop working after about 24 days, but so does the logging. I woke up on Sunday to find that my Mac’s prior uptime was recorded as “33 days”, which will have been the point where I upgraded the program; it is certainly not the amount of time for which Mac OS had been running. I wish I could fix that dastardly timer problem.

Sunday, 27th March 2005

Site updates going very slowly at the moment, but I have a few more tidbits for you. A new entry on the daft packaging page and a couple more morsels of Steveish. There is now a link to Andrzej Reszel’s Lava Lamp gallery on the Lava Lamp page. [No there isn’t: the link died]

On a more serious note, I have implemented Spam Die, a PHP-based clone of Anti-Leech’s Spambot Stopper, and installed it on my site (with cunning use of display: none). I wholly encourage all Web(masters|mistresses) to put a copy of this or a port of it on their own site (free bandwidth permitting) to confuse and trap spam bots into an endless stream of nonsense addresses.

Finally, for all who have not noticed it (you know, the little upside-down telescope banner on the front page), I have now posted a proper link to my Search for Intra-Terrestrial Intelligence pages (under Misc/).

Monday, 25th April 2005

A certain IRC client developer has decided to take up the challenge of HTML+CSS chat logging as described in my old Conversation logging improvment proposals article (w00t!). Given that the article was still only living on Firetrack, this has motivated me to tweak it a little and migrate it to Telcontar.net.