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Notices for 5th February 2005 to 27th February 2005

Saturday, 5th February 2005

The uptime of my Macintosh clone (Firetrack) has reached new levels (still pale compared to Firesnake’s OpenBSD laptop, especially now that my Finder just blew up), which has exposed some stupid bugs in UptimeMac including a display limit of 28-31 days despite it having the capacity for 999 days (just over 2 23 years). As a result, a new version of 2.0.1 has been posted to rectify or work around these issues.

Tuesday, 8th February 2005

Bleh, seems my wiring guide for a Psion-Macintosh adapter cable was erroneous, according to Martin van Boxtel’s Psion S5 / Macintosh connection page, given that he states “make sure that you connect leads 4 and 6 on the DB9”, something which I did not pick up on. Besides, his page carries a wealth of information about Psion-Macintosh connectivity, so I highly recommend a visit to Psion-owning Macintosh users in search of connectivity information. For one thing, he points out that pre-wired adapter cables are still available from several suppliers…

Sunday, 27th February 2005

Doing some research for Clipboard Synch (dodgy little program pending release) I have determined how to control whether the maximise and minimise title bar buttons are available in Windows software (in spite of REALbasic). Thus, Colour Selector for Win32 can finally be minimised! While I was at it, I tweaked the Windows version a little more: dialog box placement is a bit better now, and the font menu gets alphabetically sorted. Macintosh users shouldn’t feel left out, as both versions also have another benefit: the last selected favourite colour set is memorised between launches.

I have also updated the About section with newer photographs and information about my room and computers, for all those interested. (Again thanks to PhAtfiSh’s digital camera and no thanks to a bunch of Duracell batteries (for his camera) that were practically dead from new ;) I probably do not want to know where the shop in Welham Green dug those up.)