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Notices for 29th December 2004 to 5th January 2005

Wednesday, 29th December 2004

Some of you may have known me long enough to remember the very first incarnation of this site, Telcontar’s Homepage, back when it was first posted to my ISP Web space at the end of 2000. For everyone else, there’s MasterCard, and an archived copy of Incarnation 1 almost exactly the way it was in 2001 before I redesigned the site. Broken links are disabled, of course, though.

I also should report, and very belately so, that the Windows version of my Java Girl font works in Win32 GIMP, so open-source-loving graphics folk can play with it. Supposedly it also works in Windows Photoshop, but I don’t have Photoshop on my PC, only the GIMP.

One other thing: the notices system now has Oldest and Newest links. Why did I never think of that before? Maybe last time I tried to implement it, the hideous and confusing code inside notices.php made me pass out, hit my head and erase all memory of ever having tried or wanted to try working on that page. Bonus tip: using the rev=true parameter makes all the Oldest/Older/Newer/Newest links take on their opposite meaning.

Saturday, 1st January 2005

This year, as I watched the year change over in Quick Calendar [1], I was suitably satisfied to see that it rolled in the correct month this time: it showed 1st January 2005 as being a Saturday just like it should. Excellent. (Last year it repeatedly showed the wrong days in the month)

And, to roll in the new year here on Telcontar.net, I have prepared a number of new goodies for you all. First and foremost, my old screenshots gallery has finally made it over to the new domain from my previous site at ntlworld, with not only the best of the old screenshots but plenty of new pictures too.

I have finally made a point to determine what I think to be the internal wiring of the Psion MacConnect serial cable adapter, and the wiring guide is now presented on the MacConnect page. I have noticed quite a few downloads of the MacConnect software from the site, so now any electrical folk in need of an adapter can wire up their own. I do not promise that this will work, but hopefully the adapter consists of nothing more than plain wires, in which case it should work fine.

I have posted the beginnings of the Steveish language page; with any luck, one of myself, Ian and Steve may even find more items to add to this in time. There is also a downloadable audio clip of Windows audio, how it is really not supposed to sound. I guess being an archaic hardware junkie has its disadvantages :) Silly PC.

Hopefully there will be something here for everyone; until next time.

[1] (No, this is not a hint that I am planning to work on the program more. I still hate the nasty little thing for the legacy it has wrought :)

Wednesday, 5th January 2005

A little update… It seems that some of you cannot get Gorillas Deluxe to work in Windows XP. I don’t use XP beyond occasional tasks at work, and have no idea why Gorillas won’t work under it, although it seems to relate to XP’s DOS support or lack thereof. However, Brian Rapp reports that Gorillas works fine in the Open Source DOSBox DOS emulator under Windows XP; this might be the solution for anyone looking to play Gorillas or Gorillas Deluxe in XP. However, I would still like to know if there is a simple configuration change that can be made to XP or to a shortcut (to gorillas.bat) to solve the problems.

In other news, Steve has furnished me with a few more of his quotes, for the Steveish page.