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Notices for 28th November 2004 to 19th December 2004

Sunday, 28th November 2004

There is a new favicons gallery up in the artwork section, of most of the favicons that I have drawn thus far.

Saturday, 11th December 2004

I have just migrated a few items from Firetrack’s store/ folder to here on Telcontar.net:

As a warning, there is mature language to be found in the first and last items, although I doubt anyone really cares.

Sunday, 19th December 2004

Ever diligent in my quest to deepen the heights of my nerdiness (and break my metaphors in Steveish style, never misunderestimate me!) I present two new pages: random musings and, for reader participation (if there is anyone else adequately nerdy out there), Have I Got Spam For You.

Actually, it is a shame that I lost my old Steveish Language page, I need to reconstruct that and move it to this site sometime. For tasters, he had metaphors like “parachuting from a sinking ship” and word usage like “suspension“ (the state of suspense) and my old favourite, “complify“ (to make more complex; I wish I could remember to use this one). Hopefully writing such a page won’t open a whole new can of worms

In case anyone was wondering who taught George Dubya to talk the way he does…

Oh, and one more thing: I have posted a new beta (2.1b2) of Gorillas Deluxe. No major changes apart from hopefully a fix for crashing on some PCs reported by “Thomas”, but a few little improvements all the same.