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Notices for 26th September 2004 to 13th November 2004

Sunday, 26th September 2004

I have finally gone ahead and posted a copy of Psion MacConnect 1.2 (as well as 1.1.4) on a dedicated Psion MacConnect page, since people keep requesting copies. What they will all do without the physical PC-to-Mac serial adapter, I do not know, nor do I know whether it works in Mac OS X under Classic.

I have also posted a page about LavaLamp; someone asked for a copy of this and I realised that seeing as I still had a copy on disc, I could dedicate a page to it (especially seeing as I now understand better how it works and have found that you can make far prettier patterns in 16-bit colour and higher than you could with 8-bit).

Both of the above additions are now in the Misc section, which is rapidly growing out of control. Does anyone have any idea of how I could deal with this section and its contents, and make it more manageable?

Sunday, 3rd October 2004

Turns out that the Psion software updates for MacConnect do work, and I have updated the Psion MacConnect page accordingly. I have also posted a PDF of Using MacConnect that Peter Twisk gave me.

Saturday, 13th November 2004

Woo, changes to the site! I have not forgotten you.

Now, I am the computing type, but I know that some of you are the math(s) type. So as to not leave any of you maths people out entirely, I have posted a few math(s) challenges for you. I have also posted a few more computing anecdotes: printing at university (takes longer than waiting for a UniversityBus) and how to check to see that a printer is online (the hard way). For anyone who has not yet spotted this one: public class Solve, or, “How you are really not supposed to code.” For those who have seen it, I have added another section to it.

Windows users will welcome the addition of a new script on the Win32 scripting page, a JScript file which converts the line endings in text files from UNIX and Mac format to DOS format. I have also added an explanation to the BBC Micro page about how the BBC Micro operates raster text modes, also illustrated with a diagram.