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Notices for 8th August 2004 to 8th July 2004

Sunday, 8th August 2004

Here we are, a few changes for everyone, and a bit overdue at that. A typeface for Mac and UNIX users (and even Windows users if someone can fix the file), a bunch of stray Mac programs (for 9 and earlier), numerous of revisions to my Psion Revo Plus article, a page about avoiding reboots in Mac OS 8 and 9 and a ShadowIRC kit so that you can IRC just like me. By the way, as far as the Revo article goes, I have also offered a better explanation as to what the deal with MacConnect is, because a couple of you have e-mailed me about this.

I have also enhanced stdin (my guestbook system) with a few goodies. But at the same time, I have a confession to make. I wiped the guestbook. Accidentally of course, by using an AND instead of a WHERE in the left join in the delete code. Which is a shame. Seems to be the time of year for losing data. Most of the posts I will put back in soon, but some of the data is gone forever.

But now that stdin is nearing completion, I am considering the idea of releasing the code. It has one or two features not found in other guestbooks, such as multi-topic support, which I rather like, as it means that I can have a separate guestbook for things like Gorillas Deluxe. What does anyone think? Anyone interested?

[Note: the guestbook seems to be operational again with virtually all the data back. I have also fixed the Web links, that had never worked properly to begin with.]

Saturday, 17th July 2004

Well, I have got the computer back online. About 38,000 files short, but back online. Getting everything sorted out will take a few days at least; for one thing, AIM is not yet reinstalled so I can only talk to AIM users over ICQ. I think my e-mail database is toast, so if anyone had previously mailed me and there was a task pending for me to perform, please contact me again. The future of content on the site is uncertain, though.

Thursday, 8th July 2004

Some of you may be starting to wonder where I have got to, or what has happened to Firetrack. I am still here, but Firetrack has experienced major file system damage and Mac OS can no longer mount the main partition (Moonstone).

Pending getting the file system repaired (and by the looks of it, the operating system re-installed), I will no longer be around online, although I will be able to reply to some e-mail from work, albeit not to my usual novella extent. Maybe I will come online from PhAtfiSh’s at the weekend if he is free.

Ta ta for now.