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Notices for 4th July 2004 to 19th June 2004

Sunday, 4th July 2004

Some years ago now, I had the idea of creating a video clip of flying into a fractal although I never got past generating 139 frames of animation. Now, thanks to PhAtfiSh, you can now watch the video clip of it. It is only a teaser of what the full-length video clip would be like, but I wanted to post it up for anyone interested to watch; maybe something will become of it.

Thursday, 24th June 2004

Better late than never? I have finally posted Horizon Converter 2.1 final, after admittedly too long a delay. With macmcseboy’s help with some testing, I am now reasonably happy with the Mac OS X version, and there are a few fixes included.

Saturday, 19th June 2004

Something that I have never yet managed to find is a page summarising the BBC Micro that I can link to for readers to learn about the machine. Thus, I have written my own BBC Micro page about the machine, focusing on the hardware and expansibility options. A nice summary for anyone wanting a simple page of information about the machine itself. Those wanting to learn about the history of Acorn Computer and the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Computer Literacy Project (for which the Acorn Proton, renamed the BBC Microcomputer, was chosen), can follow the further reading links on the page.

Next up, I should do one for the EPOC operating system used on 32-bit Psion palmtops; I have certainly already got most of the screenshots ready.

Oh, and while I was at it, I added a new item to my daft packaging page, also by Walkers which is starting to sound like a worrying trend developing.