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Notices for 14th June 2004 to 31st May 2004

Monday, 14th June 2004

For all those waiting with bated breath (including you, obviously), I have indeed finally tidied up the update resources page, to include Internet Config and to more clearly indicate which updates are needed for 68k versions of my software and which are just to make the OS feel as good as Mac OS 8.5.

“What 68k versions?” I hear you cry! Well, Pierre Cardinal feels that there are people out there too shy to request 68k versions of my software, so I say to them, please don’t be – if you want a 68k version of any of my programs, just ask. I cannot promise that it will work, such as if it is relying on OS calls only available on PPC, but for the most part there should not be too many problems.

Monday, 7th June 2004

At long, long last, Internet Startup 2.3 is now available, with some new features and a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Version 2.3 is now released as a joint effort between myself and Pierre Cardinal, and as of this release the application is now open source. As before, 68k support is offered, and you can read the update resources page for more information about using the program on older versions of Mac OS (although the page is in need of a few improvements which with any luck I will sort out in a day or two).

The final release of Horizon Converter 2.1 is due out too, although I am still awaiting a couple more tests from a Mac OS X user of the program.

Monday, 31st May 2004

Colour Selector 2.1 is now declared final, as there do not appear to be any pending bugs remaining. The only change in 2.1 (apart from the version number) is that the dialog boxes for creation and deletion confirmation of favourite colour sets now appear in a more sensible place. (cheers for the 404 report – link fixed)