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Notices for 14th May 2004 to 30th May 2004

Friday, 14th May 2004

Well, no bug reports in from anyone about iCab Hotlist Insert (does anyone ever send bug reports these days?), and with my own small set of fixes, I declare it finished, and an updated version is now posted. Cheers again to Rein Ciarfella for the idea, which was a trigger for work that was very worth doing indeed (a large part of Horizon Converter is built on the same spiffy new code I wrote for iCab Hotlist Insert). Enjoy.

Tuesday, 25th May 2004

Thanks to PhAtfiSh’s digital camera, I have been able to update the home page with some newer photos of where I live (hopefully demonstrating to Goo that it does not always rain in England :) It is quite pretty out here, especially in the sunshine.

Sunday, 30th May 2004

I have just finished an update to the Misc section, in which I have created a new Software misc stuff section about software which I have written, worked on or enjoyed in the past, and is available to download. Into this section is a revised version of my LSAIT Hangman article with nice new screenshots from Chris Richardson of 8-bit Software, and the old Gold Digger and Gorillas Deluxe pages.

I have also posted two new pages: Evil Invaders, my revised version of IJK Invaders for the BBC Micro (for extra nostalgia value), and Lecture Battleships, the two-player implementation of battleships for the Psion Revo palmtop, which was previously on Firetrack. I have at long last posted a compiled version of Lecture Battleships to download, as well as the complete source package (although development of the program was never completed). And thanks to Chris, I have also posted copies of both LSAIT Hangman and Evil Invaders to download.