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Notices for 9th May 2004 to 13th May 2004

Sunday, 9th May 2004

Huzzah! Horizon Converter 2.1b1 is finally available! And as promised, it has Acorn DFS disc image support (.ssd, .dsd, .img, .0, .1) at long last (’s only taken me three years to get around to it…), as well as other goodies and some fixes and improvements. Download and enjoy!

Tuesday, 11th May 2004

Horizon Converter 2.1b2 is now available, with quite a number of bug fixes. Some of these fixes are also applicable to iCab Hotlist Insert (since they share the same batch processing framework) so the next beta of that program should be posted soon.

Thursday, 13th May 2004

There we go – I have finally documented and processed all the ShadowIRC plugins that Batshua gave me, and they are all now happy in their new home of the ShadowIRC plugins archive. That just about completes the collection, but if anyone has any plugins that are missing from the archive, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and send them to me.