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Notices for 25th April 2004 to 6th May 2004

Sunday, 25th April 2004

Here’s one for Rein Ciarfella – iCab Hotlist Insert – inserts AOL bookmark files (and those of some other flavours) into iCab’s hotlist file. I don’t pretend that this program is tremendously useful, although Rein was very keen on it and was really hoping that I would finish it off and release it, to help other AOL users migrate over to iCab. And seeing as I did promise I would finish it off, I finally got around to doing so (albeit three months late :)

Another angle to it is that it contains my (virtually-)finished batch processing framework for REALbasic (the BatchProcessThread and ProgressWindow classes) which someone out there might find useful. It is not well documented, so ask me if you want to know anything about it. Basically, you can just instantiate an object and store a reference to it, and when people drop icons on your program, you just chuck them all at the object and it handles the progress window and processing for you and so forth. Actual processing code goes into a child class and is activated via a set of New Events. It handles the use of a target folder and maintains a record of the current location in the target folder tree for code that wants to output a duplicate folder tree of converted files (although this is untested in the latest version as iCab Hotlist Insert does not make use of this code, but an older app did). The only thing that still refuses to work in any app of mine is the use of cmd-. to cancel (which for me just caused a crash), but the Stop button in the progress window does work just fine.

In other news: with any luck, I am now close to releasing Internet Startup 2.3; for any Internet Startup fans out there, this should be good news as it has a number of goodies in it including notification for successful and unsuccessful connections.

Thursday, 29th April 2004

I have at least one die-hard 68k user of my software 8D, and he has given me a set of information pertaining to running my software under System 7.5.5 through 8.1, as well as general upgrades that are relevant to those system software versions. This information is now posted on the new update resources page. 68k is still not dead, yet…

Thursday, 6th May 2004

Batshua has graciously donated a few more ShadowIRC plugins to me, including the elusive color11 and some of lws”s plugins of which I previously only had corrupted copies. Before I can post them to the plugins archive, I need to properly document them, so give me a few days to get around to working out what they all do (thank goodness I do have the source code to some of them, which helps a great deal) and documenting them all. And then I will post them all for you to download.

Which means that I must have close to every ShadowIRC plugin written, now. I am still waiting for mledford to find this back-up CD so that I can obtain a copy of InputSaver, as well as a few others of his, although it might be a long time until this happens. Anyone else got copies of his plugins?

And while I am here, I will just mention that I plan within the next day or two to write SSD/DSD/IMG (Acorn DFS disc image) support for Horizon Converter, which has been sorely lacking for the last few years. SSD support is absolutely trivial, although DSD support will be trickier because the format is track interleaved, which is not very clever (although I guess it makes imaging a BBC disc faster). Stand by for this one. I will also be migrating the code to my batch-processing framework, which will hopefully get rid of garbage readouts like -3 files remaining :) Grr.