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Notices for 3rd April 2004 to 23rd March 2004

Saturday, 3rd April 2004

Colour Selector 2.1b6 is now available, featuring the ability to have multiple sets of favourite colours, and a load of interface fixes, mostly for Mac OS X. This is likely to be the last public beta release before the program goes final. Until I get hold of updated screenshots for Mac OS X and Windows, use the Mac OS 9 screenshot as a guide to how 2.1b6 now looks.

Saturday, 27th March 2004

Well, Colour Selector 2.1b2 is now available, with a few new features for you all. No screenshot for the Mac OS X version yet, but hopefully I will have one before the final release.

I have also dug up and posted a page – IRC quotes – from my old site. I had a look at it the other night and it made me laugh, so I thought that I would resurrect it. I have no plans to add more quotes to the page, though – that is what bash.org is for.

Stop press: Just released Colour Selector 2.1b3, and I have also posted a screenshot of 2.1b2 in Mac OS X.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2004

Here we are – Colour Selector 2.0 is finally posted (thanks to PhAtfiSh and Mackie for screenshots under Win32 and Mac OS X); 2.0 final has a few bug fixes and interface improvements over 2.0b8.