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Notices for 19th March 2004 to 11th March 2004

Friday, 19th March 2004

Morning from a sleepy Telcontar – I should have been in bed a year ago but didn’t – been sat up with Twink listening to an Armin set on TranceSphere Radio. So ’scuse any 404s in today’s update :)

I have finally posted copies of two of my developer tools that I use for working on my Mac apps; these are available for download from the new developer notes page in Mac Apps. I will not be posting further updates to that page in the notices, though; check back if you want to see if there is a newer version of the programs around. I also plan to release some of my custom REALbasic code at some point, such as Window Manager and Open Recent Manager and so forth, but who knows when I will actually get around to it, or to what use the code will be to users of REALbasic 4 and 5. It might help if I were to document te stuff first…

(Gahh, I am never going to get to bed – routing to my site is flaked out, so I’m using Adam’s PC in Texas as a staging point to FTP things to and from via SSH (and even that keeps flaking, so I had to bring in another machine over SSH) *sigh*)

Sunday, 14th March 2004

Well well, another update – what has come over me? For all those not yet indoctrinated into tracked music, I have written a nice introduction to tracked music with sample tunes to download. There is also a bug-fix version of error acgi posted, which fixes the problem of misreported file sizes (it was using base-10 maths, shameful I know).

That is about all from me for the time being, though. However, to all those who wonder – no, that Gold Digger cassette picture is not a fake – software really did come on audio cassettes in the 80s. Ask your granddad.

Thursday, 11th March 2004

I cannot pass up an opportunity to demonstrate my nerdiness, so here we are with another update of goodies for you: a couple of pictures of items of daft packaging, and a description of my first ever computer game, Gold Digger.

I have also written a very serious article giving an explanation of why my software is made open source; any programmers reading this would be wise to give that article some attention.

Now, the most devoted of Telcontar fans (i.e. nutters like Dylan ;) will have noticed a few other small changes to my site recently, such as in the About section. Little things that improve the site but not big enough to post to the notices. Moreover, in order to practice what I preached to Katherine, I have been fixing some of the stupid (and often long-standing) errors and outdated code in my HTML and PHP across the site. There are still more things to fix, I am sure, but things are getting there (though no doubt I am adding new errors as fast as I fix all the old ones – I need to get me one of those caffeine IV drips). (Though Katherine is still not likely to marry me)

Those wondering about HTTP Werkzeug and my other software in need of updates may continue to despair and languish at the continuing non-presence of said updates… I am aware that they need doing, although finding someone less motivated than me would be a bit of a challenge. Feel free to pester me about it, though, and to make suggestions as to what you want to see in the updates, which could prove very helpful.

I think this takes care of today’s update; sit back and enjoy the ride.