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Notices for 6th March 2004 to 3rd March 2004

Saturday, 6th March 2004

*sigh* It is not my week. The error acgi archive contains the wrong binary – I recompiled it and somehow forgot to move the compiled copy into the error acgi release folder. Fortunately, the only difference is that in the older copy, redirect target URLs get URL-decoded, which is pointless – I took that feature back out because it made no sense. However, the archive on the site contained the binary which still had that “feature”. It has been put right now.

Thursday, 4th March 2004

*sigh* It is not illegal to report 404s, you know – you are allowed. Maybe it is considered anti-social, which is nonsense, as it is of benefit to other visitors who will get to see what the link was meant to point to. Though it didn’t help that as of the other day, the 404 page had some PHP code where an e-mail address was supposed to be (d’oh!). Please, please – if I screw a link up, do tell me, for everyone’s sake.

Turns out that the psychological test page had the wrong filename – I only noticed from just randomly remembering to look at the 404s list in the advanced stats (which are mostly full of junk left by bots and viri). It is fixed now, anyhow, as well as a copy and paste error on the Misc page. Must drink more caffeine…

Wednesday, 3rd March 2004

Another round of updates for you all, which sees official postings of my Better disc searching and Better filesystem browsing articles on interface design, and a new version of my error acgi MacHTTP CGI. I have also moved over The Valley onto Telcontar.net. Plus, there is a little challenge for everyone, 15 Q in this T, see if you can solve it.