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Notices for 19th February 2004 to 9th February 2004

Thursday, 19th February 2004

Thanks to silvestrij, HTTP Werkzeug now has a Windows installer package for easier installation under Windows.

Tuesday, 17th February 2004

Well, that went differently than planned… I spent the evening and night of Valentine’s Day with Firetrack working on Colour Selector, an old program I wrote for PhAtfiSh ages ago and decided needed an overhaul. After several days’ work on it transforming the program (basically a rewrite of all the code), I have decided to release it publicly – general private opinion of the program has been positive, and the new version includes the changes that I personally have been wanting for some time now. Open source as usual, with cross-compiles to Mac OS X (untested) and Windows. A few bugs and niggles remain for me to fix at a later stage, of course.

I have also declared HTTP Werkzeug 1.2 as final, with the program having obtained a number of bug fixes and changes over 1.2b1, particularly for Windows users. Go download the latest version.

Monday, 9th February 2004

Ah, joy – been playing with HTTP Werkzeug on Chris’s PC, and catalogued a load of bugs. ’ll have to get those all fixed sometime. And don’t worry, it won’t compile in Windows REALbasic.

Now for the good news :) Something I have already shown a few people, but is now immortalised on Telcontar.net: my painting of myself in a disguise. A nifty painting I did for school in November 1997, that I finally got around to scanning in for SuperGoo the other day.