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Notices for 6th February 2004 to 5th January 2004

Friday, 6th February 2004

Hm, seems my site is quietening down a bit these days. However, there is good news! HTTP Werkzeug 1.2b1 is now released (with thanks to silvestrij, Chris and Air for help with the Win32 and Mac OS X versions). The most important feature of 1.2 is HTTP POST support – something which has been sorely missing from the program for some time now. However, there are plenty more changes too, so go take a look. The one thing left that needs doing, really, is a proper facility for working with cookies, but that will have to wait.

What I am still holding out a little bit of hope for, though, is for someone to port the program properly to Windows and Mac OS X. The Windows version isn’t too bad, seeing as I have put a lot of time into making it work reasonably well, but until now, the Mac OS X version hasn’t even worked at all. I don’t have the time, though, to polish the Mac OS X version, so you will have to take it as it is. But please, if anyone is willing to take on the task of constructing a decent Windows or Mac OS X version, I would be very grateful (as long as you do it well ;)

Next up, though, should be the next release of Internet Startup – it is not that far off now. And then following that, I will sort out getting Horizon Converter to deal with BBC Micro disc images (something I have been inexcusably putting off for far, far too long now). So stand by for some more goodies (OK, no need to actually hold your breath, given my record for expedience…)

Saturday, 17th January 2004

I have added a new entry to the FAQ – some speech clips demonstrating how my Internet handles are pronounced (something that has everyone puzzled or just in error).

Monday, 5th January 2004

Hm, not much going on around here these days – still, Quick Calendar 2.0.4 is now up, fixing a couple of silly little bugs. More significant, though, is the Mac OS X version. It is just a quick Carbon recompile, with no concessions to Mac OS X’s appearance or ways of working, but at least it exists.

Oh yeah – a shout out to Supergoo, whose site should be appearing soon at goo.telcontar.net (being moved from Angelfire to escape their appalling ad system). And for that matter, I never gave a shout out to Shinaku, who has had a site on Telcontar.net for a little while now.