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Notices for 2nd January 2004 to 16th December 2003

Friday, 2nd January 2004

Here we go – ring in the new year with Internet Startup 2.2.1 – some more bug fixes and interface improvements for you all.

Next up will be to fix the automatic changeover code in Quick Calendar – as I sat and watched it switch to January 2004, the new month came up with the 1st being a Monday (...?) and then it thought it began on a Wednesday. Looks like something has gone amiss there.

Monday, 22nd December 2003

Good news for Internet Startup users – Internet Startup 2.2 is now available to download, just in time for Christmas, offering extra features, bug fixes and interface improvements. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 16th December 2003

Special birthday treats or something – Horizon Converter 2.0b2 and Italian Quick Calendar are both now available.

The new Horizon Converter only really features cosmetic changes this time around; however, the next version is going to contain support for splitting SSD and DSD disc images into separate files, as per Koen Keevel’s wishes (and this is something I have wanted to support for some time now actually).