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Notices for 14th December 2003 to 25th November 2003

Sunday, 14th December 2003

Well, I have now posted Quick Calendar 2.0.3 French, which features laa68’s complete French translation. While the code has changed, the changes do not affect the English and German versions, so no new update is posted for either of those two versions.

And just a reminder that Horizon Converter 2.0b1 is posted – bug reports and suggestions are all welcome.

Thursday, 11th December 2003

Here we are – at long last, Horizon Converter 2.0b1 is released. Richard Bannister, developer of Horizon 1.3 (the Mac OS X Jaguar port of the Horizon BBC Micro emulator) invited me to update my converter program for Mac OS X, and so I have done at long last, as well as providing it with a bunch of new customisation options. It is still a beta, so let me know of any bugs you find.

And with that posted, it is finally time for me to go bed, I think… At 3:49 pm.

Tuesday, 25th November 2003

Well, quite a day of changes has come unto my site. Firstly, I have now relocated my stylus sketches (images drawn on my palmtop) and two of my articles, all from Firetrack, over to Telcontar.net as part of the process of improving the coherence of my Web presence.

There are also two new Mac applications – Quick Calendar and UptimeMac – posted on the site. The first is the long overdue rewrite of my quaint little calendar app (my first real Mac application) that made its debut back on the first incarnation of Telcontar’s Homepage. The second is a graphical, logging uptime display program that I have been using for some time but have finally decided to release. As you have come to expect from me, both programs are for Mac OS classic :)

I have also posted a new release of Connect-4 OMA – 1.0d12. The program is still not under development (mostly owing to lack of others’s interest), but you can all be treated to a few fixes and improvements all the same.

And finally, a new can construct – The Bridge, built by zbegra and friends at The Gathering 2003 LAN party in Norway earlier this year.

Other tweaks here and there, too. Of course, now that I have all this lot sorted, I don’t have any excuse for not getting back to work on Internet Startup ;) I have a month left to get it done in time for Christmas, so fear not…