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Notices for 4th November 2003 to 11th November 2003

Tuesday, 4th November 2003

At long, long last! The ShadowIRC plugins archive is finally updated and has gone live here on Telcontar.net (this page was also formerly on Firetrack). Now all those seeking plugins and plugin source code for ShadowIRC 1.0 and 1.1 can find a rather more extensive collection available to download.

Something that will interest Mac OS X Horizon users – Richard Bannister, who ported Horizon to Mac OS X, has suggested that I also port my Horizon Converter tool to Mac OS X. Being a REALbasic application, a Carbon application is just a few clicks away, but I still need to do things like make 128x128 icons, and other alterations to make it a better Mac OS X program (particularly as I do not run X here). Maybe I'll get around to it in time to make it a Christmas present? (and while I am at it, it is about time I actually proved that the darned thing does actually work – I never was certain, really, but then, it did never leave beta)

Another potential Christmas present is Internet Startup, version 1.1. Pierre Cardinal is rather eager that I make some improvements to the application, and while I think I have sorted out most of the feature changes and bug fixes, the 68k version of 1.1d has serious issues, so a lot of rewriting is in order, and I have some way to go yet before this is done. But anyone still using this application should have cause to smile :)

Wednesday, 5th November 2003

OK, go on then – anyone wanting to leave me messages via the Web (those for whom mailto: links are out of favour or too inconvenient) can do so via my guestbook or, if you want a reply from me, via the e-mail form on the new contact page.

Jen tells me that mailto: seems to have gone out of fashion, and that using a Web form is a better method of getting e-mail from people – thus I have now provided such a facility. The guestbook is just topic 0 of my more generic comments system, stdin, which I had already made (topic 1 is Gorillas discussion and has been there a while) – I have now added the code and database table needed for it to finally support multiple topics.

(After all, I have to keep the changes coming to pretend that the site isn’t dead, unlike its previous incarnation :)

Tuesday, 11th November 2003

There we go – at long last, a new version of Internet Startup has been posted – no doubt some die-hard fans have been waiting a whole two and a half years for this ;) (although only Pierre has actively pushed for the release and suggested improvements, so you have him to thank). Again, it is only a beta, but hopefully this time I will not let it die with any glaring bugs or omissions in, like last time :)

But, if you do want something changed (added, fixed, etc) please please do e-mail me – I have had cable for a while and no longer use the program. Besides, it lets me know that someone is interested.

There, early Christmas present. Now let’s see if I ever get around to making Horizon Converter Mac OS X friendly, eh?