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Notices for 26th October 2003 to 30th October 2003

Sunday, 26th October 2003

A friend of mine known only as the Arnie Prankster made a number of prank calls to the UK radio station Talk Sport (often being declared best caller of the week), using synthesised speech and sound clips to impersonate Professor Stephen Hawking and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have a number of his episodes on disc at home, and I have posted them to the Misc section for your listening pleasure. With luck, I will be able to add further clips to the page if and when I can obtain them from the Arnie Prankster. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and this is Telcontar.net’s two-month anniversary, whoo =)

Monday, 27th October 2003

Another juicy set of changes today:

Enjoy :)

Oh, and a wave to Anna when she calls by this way :) Heya!

Thursday, 30th October 2003

Hm, it worries and saddens me that it took about three days before anyone noticed (well, reported, at least) that the notices on the front page were replaced by a pile of PHP warnings. Worrying, but in fact I should be surprised that anyone said anything that quickly, or even that someone actually said something at all.

There were more PHP warnings earlier, if anyone called by the Artwork section while I was working on it; this section has been internally restructured, so part of the sitewide system had to be updated to match, making PHP’s error-handling system feel chuffed with itself.

The two main changes to that section are replacement download files for my Mac OS classic icons (which contain my new site URL and e-mail address), and page all about Pixelcritter, the cute snake character I created for Firesnake.

Next up will hopefully be my ShadowIRC plugins archive, which is being moved to here from Firetrack and will contain a pile of extra plugins not listed on the existing page. But you know how lazy I am and thus how long that is going to take :)

Time passes…
Oh, but one extra thing I have changed (or “one more thing” if you are Steve Jobs) is to give the Artwork section’s front page a new style – looks a lot nicer now :)