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“What does uilleann mean?”

From uilleann pipes, the complicator’s woodwind instrument.

And no, I am not a piper. I am not even a musician.

“Telcontar” was actually my first choice of Internet name (in 2000), which is Quenya (Elvish) for “Strider”, a nickname of Aragorn the Ranger in The Lord of the Rings. “Uillean” (spelt wrong) and then “Ghiraddje” (Xirnann for “The Ranger”) were my subsequent choices when I found that the name “Telcontar” was not as obscure as I had imagined, and nor was uillean(n). And they’re all overly pretentious as is commonplace with Internet names.

“How do you pronounce …”

Some confusion arises as to the pronunciation of my various Internet handles. The pronunciations are: GhiraddjeuilleannTelcontar.